EFSA completes smoke flavour review

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The European Food Safety Authority has completed its review of 11 smoke flavourings in use in the EU, finding only two to have large enough safety margins not to give rise to safety concerns.

The European Commission plans to establish a list of smoke flavourings that are authorised for use in foods. The two flavouring with adequate margins are Scansmoke SEF7525 and Smoke Concentrate 809045.

Klaus-Dieter Jany, chair of EFSA’s expert Panel on flavourings (CEF Panel) said the conclusions were based on limited data currently available as well as conservative or cautious intake estimates.

“The Panel expressed safety concerns for several smoke flavourings where intake levels could be relatively close to the levels which may cause negative health effects. However, this does not necessarily mean that people consuming these products will be at risk as, in order to be on the safe side, the consumption estimates deliberately over-estimate intake levels.”

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