Biotrace makes microbial testing in food sector easier

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Biotrace International claims to have improved sample collection
for microbial and pathogen testing in the food manufacturing

The company has introduced a number of new features to its IBP HydraSponge and IBP SpongeSicle product lines to help food manufacturers ensure complete product safety. For example, the new easy-to-open sample bag is now supplied without perforations to ensure the sterility of the sponge is not compromised and dehydration of the broth is prevented until the bag is opened and used.

For better visibility on the production floor, the tear-away portion of the sample bag, and the gloves, are colour-coded bright blue. Sturdier wire ties prevent bags unravelling during shipment, and the company claims that the dual laminate film used resists punctures better than any other bag currently on the market.

The sample bag seals are guaranteed to be leak free, thanks to the pharmaceutical grade sealing and monitoring equipment used during their manufacturing process.

Biotrace International's industrial microbiology product portfolio was expanded last year following the acquisition of International BioProducts (IBP). The group's range now includes a number of innovative environmental sampling, dilution, and enrichment solutions for food manufacturing industries.

Such procedures are becoming standard as food safety and quality legislation becomes tighter and tighter. In addition, many major manufacturers are installing internal quality standards in order to meet and surpass government regulations.

Biotrace​ believes that the new IBP range can help plant managers achieve these aims, and perfectly complements the firm's own ATP product package.

Traditional microbial testing detects the levels and types of micro organisms in the manufacturing environment and is an essential part of any HACCP regime. Biotrace offers a choice of sponges and swabs for sampling areas aseptically, from large surfaces to equipment crevices. These products, such as HydraSponge, SpongeSicle and RediSwab, are available with a variety of broth and buffers to neutralise the effect of cleaning chemicals.

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