Allinson plays the health card

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Allied Bakeries has relaunched its Allinson bread brand this week
with a new pack design highlighting the health benefits of
high-fibre bread.

UK-based Allied Bakeries is investing in a full-scale repackaging of its Allinson brand this week, with a more transparent look for its Wholemeal and Hi-Bran loaves designed to help consumers locate the nutritional information more easily.

Dawn McGiveron, director of commercial development at Allied Bakeries​ said: "The new pack design is a visual campaign to drive sales and attract new customers to the brand. We want to entice consumers with a new look that visibly displays the great taste and health benefits of Allinson, to enable them to quickly locate the nutritional values and ingredients."

Allinson is one of the UK's most established and well-known breads, with very strong brand values associated with naturalness and healthiness. "Many consumers have become more educated and have a greater knowledge of the nutritional values of non-white bread,"​ said McGiveron. "This is driving trial and purchase in a previously static sector."

Eating dietary fibre is well known to aid digestion, and recent reports have proven that it can also have additional health benefits, such as reducing the risk of certain cancers. The European Protective Investigation into Cancer (EPIC) found that people with the top 20 per cent dietary fibre intake had one quarter the risk of developing a colon polyp - a non-malignant growth that is the precursor of bowel cancer - compared with people in the bottom 20 per cent for fibre intake.

The Allinson brand is already worth £19 million (€26.8 million) at year ending 3 May 2003, and the company expects the redesign to drive this further.

"About a fifth of all bread sold is already from the non-white sector. This is a huge amount, and we hope that this will rise further in the future,"​ said McGiveron.

Allinson bread contains no artificial preservatives and its ingredients are selected from regulated suppliers to ensure that they are all GM-free. The company says that the redesign will be supported in-store with new point of sale materials and the brand will receive further marketing spend in the coming months.

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