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Obama administration threatening sanctions against EU over beef ban ©iStock

US reignites trade battle with EU over beef imports

By Louis Gore-Langton

US trade representatives have heeded calls from the country’s meat industry to act on ‘unfair and discriminatory’ rules on US beef imports to the EU – threatening to reopen a 20 year dispute and put sanctions on European products.

Picture: WTO. From L-R: John Breckenridge (WTO, Financial Management Service), Melvin Spreij (STDF Unit), Walter Werner (German Mission Geneva, WTO-Ambassador), Evan Rogerson (WTO, director of agriculture and commodities division), Nthisana Phillips, (WTO, director of administration and general services division); Stephan Rudolph (German Mission Geneva, agricultural affairs officer).

German donation helps WTO members boost food safety

By Joseph James Whitworth

Germany has pledged €150,000 (CHF 164,000) to help the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) poorest members implement food safety so they can actively participate in world trade.

EU, US request for food security data sparks trade row with India


EU, US request for food security data sparks trade row with India

By RJ Whitehead

The US and EU have called on the World Trade Organisation to make the provision of full information on India’s food subsidy programme a precondition before they can begin negotiations on how to tackle the issue of legitimising food procurement subsidies.

Three out of four nations Russia was concerned about have guaranteed imports free of ractopamine

Russia moves to ban US meat

By Rod Addy

Russia is moving to ban US meat imports in the row over instances of contamination with ractopamine, a growth promoting chemical banned in Russia, with more contaminated consignments detected.


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