HKScan has set out the ambition to be Scandinavia's leading poultry processor

HKScan aspires to be Scandinavian poultry giant

By Oscar Rousseau

Finland-based HKScan aims to be Scandinavia’s leading poultry processor, according to a company-wide strategy, crafted to revitalise the loss-making business. 

© iStock/Marilyena

ScenoProt gives a preview of Northern Europe's protein preferences

By Niamh Michail

Why do Finns give more importance to protein than Swedes? Are Germans more willing to eat an all vegetarian meal than Brits? And among the 13% of Europeans who have tried insects, how many would eat them again? Finland's ScenoProt survey is providing...

The mobile abattoir is capable of slaughtering around 150 cows per week

France powers up Sweden’s mobile abattoir

By Oscar Rousseau

Rising demand for ethical and traceable protein has seen Sweden’s Hälsingestintan roll out its innovative mobile slaughter unit in France, heralding a new wave of meat production.

HKScan's chief financial officer Tuomo Valkonen said the business wants to 'start exports to China'

HKScan reports drop in profits

By Oscar Rousseau

Finnish meat processor HKScan has posted a slump in pre-tax profits, according to its interim trading results for the first half of 2016.

The Swedish pig industry has been adversely impacted by recent media reports

Sweden sees fall in pork imports

By Poorna Rodrigo

Bad publicity in Sweden for the pig meat sector in the past year – including television programmes critical of industry welfare and public debates over the heavy usage of antibiotics and tail-docking of piglets in the European Union (EU) – have depressed...

Wholegrain consumption may prevent early death

Wholegrain consumption may prevent early death

By Niamh Michail

A high wholegrain intake may lower the mortality rate regardless of wholegrain type or cause of death, say researchers in a 120,000-strong Scandinavian cohort study.

ICA said it had been unaware of this inhumane practice

Swedish supermarkets threaten ban against Danish pork

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Swedish supermarkets, led by major chain the ICA Group, are threatening to suspend imports of Danish pork following reports by animal rights organisations complaining about the culling of up to 500,000 under-weight newborn piglets, weighing less than...

The new organisation will promote competition-neutral meat-related issues

Sweden gets new meat trade organisation

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Sweden’s meat sector has established Svenska Köttföretagen (SKF), a new broad-based trade organisation that will promote the industry’s special interests and provide expert advice to members.

Swedish survey shows need for more products that adhere to Nordic nutrition keyhole label standards

80% of Swedes give keyhole labelling thumbs up

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Around 80% of Swedish people think the keyhole labelling system is a good thing, according to a survey published by the Swedish National Food Agency (NFA).

The most siginificant reduction in Sweden's meat trade related to imports of beef and pork

Antibiotic concerns depress Swedish demand for meat imports

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Growing fears over the widespread use of antibiotics in farm animals helped to drive a fall in demand for imported meat in Sweden in the first half of 2014, but Russia’s EU food trade ban might reverse that trend, said experts.

Sweden is pushing for EU reforms on antibiotic use in healthy livestock

Sweden pushes for unity on EU antibiotics reforms

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

The Swedish government has expanded the scope and ambition of its domestic animal care farm improvement scheme to include creating a "partnership of like-minded European states", willing to back Sweden’s push for EU reforms to check antibiotic...

The boycott has arisen over claims about Denmark's animal welfare standards

Boycott of Danish pork widens in Sweden

By Gerard O’Dwyer, in Helsinki

Danish officials have raised concerns over a boycott of Danish pork in Swedish ICA Supermarket stores during a meeting of Nordic prime ministers in Iceland.

Religious groups hit back at Danish non-stun ban

Denmark bans non-stun slaughter

By Line Svanevik

A ban on non-stun slaughter has come into force in Denmark as the country’s government says “animal rights come before religion”.

Caramels & toffees and medicated confectionery driving growth in Swedish confectionery market

Unlikely drivers in the Swedish confectionery market

By Oliver Nieburg

Chocolate still rules the roost in Sweden, but two improbable sub-segments are set to help the sugar confectionery category grow faster in the next five years, according to market analysts Canadean.


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