Seventh Framework Programme

Several hundred metres of paper were coated successfully

Seaweed provides environmentally-friendly grease barrier

By Paul Gander

A commercialised grease-resistant coating for paper and board, which is based on seaweed extract, is ticking all of the environmental boxes and should be available in less than three years, according to the product’s coordinator.

Protecting knowledge

Protecting knowledge

The protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) is essential
not only for researchers to work willingly together on innovative
research, but also in order to bring the fruits of this
collaboration to the market. IPR is, however,...

Building nests in the EU

Building nests in the EU

The new and emerging science and technology (NEST) programme from
the European Commission is an opportunity for the research
community to communicate what is important, said William Cannell,
head of unit for NEST in the Commission's...


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