The study found that most consumers perceived the supermarket as associated with norms related to meat consumption. Image Source: Giselleflissak/Getty Images

How do 'norms perceptions' relate to meat consumption habits?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Norm perceptions – what one perceives as ‘normal’ – differs between both individuals and groups of consumers, including when it comes to meat consumption. One’s meat consumption habits can affect these perceptions. A new study explores how different groups...

The deal is estimated to be worth up to €15 million per year

ABP confirms first US beef deal

By Georgi Gyton

Irish meat giant ABP Food Group has confirmed it is the first European company to agree a supply deal for beef to the US, since the lifting of the BSE-related ban last March.

UK restaurateurs upbeat

UK restaurateurs upbeat

The UK restaurant sector's financial performance is, on average,
better than that of the rest of the hospitality industry and
restaurateurs are confident about the future, writes a new report
released this week.


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