Biased by industry? Do academic and business collaborations work?


Biased by industry? Do academic and business collaborations work?

By Nathan Gray

Like many areas of nutrition research, probiotic and prebiotic science relies on strong collaboration between academic experts and businesses. But there are some who say such links create biased science.

The food industry has been portrayed as

Dispatches from EFSA plenary, Parma

We can't have both open doors and open discussions, says temp EFSA chair

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

Transparency is important, but this may not be compatible with openness of scientific debate, according to the temporary chair of the European Food Safety Authority's (EFSA) Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) panel.

Whole food chain has role to play in food safety, says EU expert

IMS Symposium

Food safety is shared responsibility, argues specialist

By Flemmich Webb

All stakeholders in the food production chain have a responsibility to improve food safety, according to the EU’s Koen Van Dyck, head of unit, DDG2.G4, food alert system and training.

Dr David Tribe

Talking tough on Monsanto GM maize cancer study

By RJ Whitehead

Last week saw a furious row between researchers in France and their critics from around the world after they published new findings on the effect of genetically modified Roundup maize when it is fed to rats.

Basque region backs nanotechnology research

Basque region backs nanotechnology research

By Rod Addy

Nanotechnology for food and other industries is receiving strong support in the Basque region of Spain, with cash being channelled to researchers through the EU Framework 7 research funding programme.

2011’s top science under the microscope

2011’s top science under the microscope

By Nathan Gray

It’s been a big year for science, with innovations, reformulation, and sustainability all under the microscope. In this festive edition, the FoodNavigator team highlights some of our favourite science stories from this year.

Protein extraction breakthrough?

New protein separation technology moves closer: Solae

By Nathan Gray

A new process could help to selectively separate out high-value protein components in foods such as soy and thus produce higher purities and yields with high nutritional value, at cost-savings, says Solae.

GMO focus for Finland

GMO focus for Finland

The Board of the Academy of Finland announced this week that it has
taken the decision to launch seven new research programmes in 2003
- one of which will focus on the societal and health effects of
genetically modified organisms.


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