Red Meat

Australia is on its (quad) bike to grow red meat sales in Britain as Brexit threatens trade

Export drive as Australia tests fragile UK politics

By Oscar Rousseau

UK political uncertainty has pushed Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to fire the starter gun on non-EU countries clambering to expand market access in Britain, as the country moves towards Brexit.

The Iranian government is working to maintain the pace of growth in the poultry and red meat industry

Iran looks to keep growth rate of meat industry

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Over the past three years Iran has managed to increase production of table poultry and red meat by 20% to reach an overall figure of 820,000 tonnes (t) of red meat and 2.2 million t of poultry. 

Farmers in Norway oppose carbon tax proposals

Farmers in Norway oppose carbon tax proposals

By Poorna Rodrigo

Norwegian farmers are opposing a host of proposals from a government-appointed ‘green tax committee’, which are designed to cut emissions. These include introducing a carbon tax on red meat consumption and reducing government subsidies for the industry,...

Germans eat roughly 17.2kg of processed meat per year - more than anyone else in Europe

German study links red meat to strokes

By Alan Osborn

The consumption of red meat can be linked to sharply increased stroke risk, according to a report by a high-level German medical research group. 

Domestic consumption of poultry meat grew by 8.6% in Bulgaria last year, compared with 2013

Bulgarian poultry industry gets boost

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Bulgaria’s poultry meat production rose in 2014, while red meat output fell, according to the Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MZH).

Cross said it was vital that the international meat community worked together

Eblex calls on international meat industry to work together

By Ed Bedington

A competition which pitches three nations butchery skills against each other serves to illustrate that, when it comes to the global meat trade, we are "all on the same side", guests at the gala dinner for the Tri-Nations Butchers’ Challenge...

red meat, health advice, conflicting messages, health risks

Conflicting information can compromise official health advice

By Lynda Searby

Official communications about the health risks associated with a food lose credibility with consumers when they are exposed to new information emphasising the benefits of that food – regardless of the source of the new information. 

Iran wants to boost local meat production

Iran takes action on red meat imports

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Iran’s food security has been damaged by a dramatic surge in meat imports, which have increased by 20 times over the past eight years, according to a report from the country’s National Food Agency.

Meat eaters produce gut bacteria to metabolise carnitine, while vegans produce much less

Red meat and heart disease: L-carnitine linked to increased risk

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

High intakes of red meat repeatedly have been linked to heart disease, but new research suggests that along with saturated fat and certain preservatives, l-carnitine is another red meat constituent that may contribute to cardiovascular risk.

UK industry hits back at high mortality study

UK industry hits back at high mortality study

By Melodie Michel

UK meat professionals have criticised an American study linking consumption of red meat with increased mortality, saying it “should not be used to determine cause and effect”.

Red meat sector vital to UK economy

Red meat sector vital to UK economy

By Carina Perkins

A new report has concluded that the English red meat sector makes a “significant” contribution to the UK’s economy.