Red Meat

Australia is on its (quad) bike to grow red meat sales in Britain as Brexit threatens trade

Export drive as Australia tests fragile UK politics

By Oscar Rousseau

UK political uncertainty has pushed Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to fire the starter gun on non-EU countries clambering to expand market access in Britain, as the country moves towards Brexit.

The Iranian government is working to maintain the pace of growth in the poultry and red meat industry

Iran looks to keep growth rate of meat industry

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Over the past three years Iran has managed to increase production of table poultry and red meat by 20% to reach an overall figure of 820,000 tonnes (t) of red meat and 2.2 million t of poultry. 

Livestock represent 8.5% of Norway's total greenhouse gas emissions

Farmers in Norway oppose carbon tax proposals

By Poorna Rodrigo

Norwegian farmers are opposing a host of proposals from a government-appointed ‘green tax committee’, which are designed to cut emissions. These include introducing a carbon tax on red meat consumption and reducing government subsidies for the industry,...

Germans eat roughly 17.2kg of processed meat per year - more than anyone else in Europe

German study links red meat to strokes

By Alan Osborn

The consumption of red meat can be linked to sharply increased stroke risk, according to a report by a high-level German medical research group. 


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