Fermentation sector eyes move into mainstream

By Oliver Morrison

A host of consumer trends is driving interest in fermented food, according to a panel of experts speaking at the Ingredients Show. However, an education gap needs addressing if fermentation is to move from fashionable buzzword to become a sustainable...

“Looking at the corporate approach to clean label, does it make sense to make clean label Wonder Bread? Or any other brand that’s been around for a long time that might not have a clean label type of heritage?

Insights from Baking Tech 2014

Clean label: The shopper will define it with dollars

By Maggie Hennessy

While manufacturers faced renewed pressure to clean up labels following recent media attacks on the dough conditioner azodicarbonamide and artificial preservatives, far less attention has been paid to what these ingredients are actually being replaced...

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

Special edition: All-natural: How clean is your label?

Natural preservatives pack efficacy, marketing punch

By Hank Schultz

The term ‘natural’ has been used to mean so many things that it means less all the time, except as a starting point for class action lawsuits.  But tell consumers you’re getting rid of artificial preservatives and you’ve telling them something meaningful,...

Siveele works with a range oif additives, including nisin

China invests in Dutch additives firm Siveele

By Rod Addy

Dutch food additives firm Siveele will benefit from considerable investment in the business from Chinese manufacturer Pangbo Biological Engineering, with preservatives being one focus for future development.


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