Ground-breaking trial gives new hope for peanut allergies

By Oliver Morrison

A trial suggests that oral immunotherapy treatment, which involves repeated exposure over time to gradually increase doses of the allergen, could allow sufferers to increase their tolerance to peanuts. They would not be able to eat nuts at will, but their...

Bart Ingredients Company recalled certain batch codes of ground cumin

RSSL: Peanut protein recalls shows testing validation need

By Joseph James Whitworth

Suppliers and manufacturers must work with labs to ensure robust sampling plans and appropriate testing, according to RSSL, after undeclared peanut proteins were found in cumin, prompting allergy concerns and recalls.

Roasted and salted? Peanuts can be so much more, NPB says

Special edition: Nuts, pulses & legumes

Roasted and salted? Peanuts can be so much more, NPB says

By Maggie Hennessy

Sometimes it’s hard to think inventively about the ingredient that comprises half the ubiquitous peanut butter and jelly sandwich or is passed to us in small pouches on most airplane rides. But from flours and spreads to use as a legume, the potential...


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