Northern Ireland

'Once outside the EU the UK must develop its own external tariffs, and may find itself subject to the high external tariffs applied by the EU to agricultural products—to the detriment of UK farmers and food manufacturers.' ©iStock/Nerthuz

Brexit could pose GM headache for UK

By David Burrows

The UK’s food sector will face “enormous challenges” following Brexit, both in relation to trade with Europe and within its own borders, according to a report by the House of Lords EU energy and environment subcommittee.

While dairy prices might be on the rise, the Ulster Farmers' Union says it is unhappy those increases aren't making their way to farmers.

Union anger at Northern Ireland milk prices

By Jim Cornall

Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) president, Barclay Bell, says dairy farmers in Northern Ireland are frustrated and angry at what he says is the derisory milk price increase delivered by local processors.

Northern Irish beef will be exported to Singapore

Northern Irish beef farmers eye Singapore

By Poorna Rodrigo

Northern Irish beef farmers have described Singapore’s decision to allow UK beef imports as an “excellent marketing opportunity” for their quality grass-fed Northern Irish beef.

Collagen regs in NI

Collagen regs in NI

The FSA is inviting comment on the draft Collagen and Gelatine
(Intra-Community Trade) Regulations for Northern Ireland 2003.
Comments are particularly welcome regarding the impact on business,
identification of additional costs and...


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