Myocardial Infarction

Reducing salt intake can lead to 'a significant reduction in cardiovascular events' according to the re-analysis of the Cochrane data.

Lancet paper blasts Cochrane salt study

By Nathan Gray

Commentary in The Lancet, along with a new analysis of the data, has slammed the recent Cochrane review that claimed salt reduction had no effect on strokes or heart attacks.

Kiwi lowers blood clot risk

Kiwi lowers blood clot risk

Eating two to three kiwifruit a day can significantly lower risk of
blood clotting and reduce fat in the blood, reports a Norwegian
team. The fruit could be an effective alternative to aspirin for
protecting heart health, they suggest,...

The burden of heart disease

The burden of heart disease

More news to suggest that governments in Europe must continue to
curb the growing tide of obesity as the burden of heart disease,
long linked to obesity, weighs heavily on the purse-strings of
treasuries. A new study reveals previous...

Diet: moving Europe to Asia

Diet: moving Europe to Asia

Research on a regular basis appears to endorse the benefits of the
much-acclaimed Mediterranean-style diet. A recent study suggests
that taking a leaf out of the Mediterranean people's book could
help reduce cardiovascular disease...


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