Meat Consumption

The study found that most consumers perceived the supermarket as associated with norms related to meat consumption. Image Source: Giselleflissak/Getty Images

How do 'norms perceptions' relate to meat consumption habits?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Norm perceptions – what one perceives as ‘normal’ – differs between both individuals and groups of consumers, including when it comes to meat consumption. One’s meat consumption habits can affect these perceptions. A new study explores how different groups...

MHP has been expanding steadily across Europe as its export sales surge

Ukrainian giant to take over Polish company

By Jaroslaw Adamowski

Ukraine’s grain and poultry giant MHP has submitted an application to Poland’s competition watchdog UOKiK to obtain the body’s approval for its plan to take over Polish poultry meat producer and processor KZD Exdrob. 


Europe leads in innovation as meat-free demand grows

By Katy Askew

Demand for alternative proteins – beyond traditional meat, fish and dairy sources – is expanding across Europe as consumers turn to products they view as healthier and more environmentally friendly and food makers work to drive excitement through innovation.

 Stope targetting

Are you targetting the right 'consumer type' for meat alternatives?

By Nathan Gray

One size does not fit all when marketing meat alternatives, say researchers. Manufacturers need to decide whether they should target price conscious consumers, healthy eaters, taste driven individuals, eco-friendly greens, organic shoppers or vegetarians.

Slow Food

Slow Food fights EU plans to beef up meat industry

By Louis Gore-Langton

A coalition of organisations led by Slow Food is protesting EU agriculture commissioner Phil Hogan’s decision to allocate €15m to promote meat consumption in Europe.

Copa-Cogeca want to promote a more positive image of livestock farming across Europe

Farming body targets anti-meat campaigns

By Oscar Rousseau

EU farm group Copa-Cogeca has claimed one of the main pillars of its livestock promotion campaign is to challenge the “negative” messages perpetuated by anti-meat campaigners.

Beef consumption falls in Europe and the US as consumers turn to poultry

Food trends: meat consumption up, beef declines

By Oscar Rousseau

Global meat consumption has recorded a year-on-year increase when compared to figures from 2014, according to data from London-based market intelligence firm Euromonitor International. 

Health for Animals says it is

Innovation ‘vital’ to meet growing protein demand

By Oscar Rousseau

Empowering meat producers and farmers with the latest technology is key to meet soaring demand for meat, which is expected to rise in conjunction to the global population, according to a new study. 

The devaluation of the Russian rouble is expected to push up the price of food and fuel in 2015

Economic crisis may force Russians to cut meat consumption

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russian meat producers believe the negative trends in the country’s economy, including a high level of inflation and a fall in the real incomes of the population, together with a rise of prices for meat products, may cut the demand in the domestic meat...

An average Pole is forecast to consume 72kg of meat in 2015. Photo credit: Joe Raedle

Polish meat consumption to expand in 2015

By Jaroslaw Adamowski, in Warsaw

Poland’s average meat consumption is forecast to increase to 71 kilograms (kg) per capita in 2014, a rise of some 3.5kg compared with a year earlier, according to figures released by the country’s Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics (IERiGZ).

Plant-based diets: The rise and rise of flexitarian eating

Special Edition: Plant-based diets

Plant-based diets: The rise and rise of flexitarian eating


Meat reduction – or ‘flexitarian’ eating – is on the rise. In this special edition article, FoodNavigator asks why are consumers reducing meat, and how prevalent is the trend?

Meat consumption is due to drop over next 10 years

EU economist predicts fall in meat consumption

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

Meat consumption will never reach previous levels, Tassos Haniotis, director of economic analysis at the European Commission’s directorate general for agriculture said on Tuesday.

Current estimates may underestimate local customs and the role of public policy

How will higher meat demand affect food prices?


Increased demand for animal protein will push up meat prices – but not necessarily grain prices, claims a new report from UK think tank the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

UK MPs urge reduced meat consumption

UK MPs urge reduced meat consumption

By Carina Perkins

A group of UK MPs have called for a cut in meat consumption and a switch to pasture-fed systems in a bid to improve global food security.


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