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Organic vs locally produced food: What drives consumer preference?

By Flora Southey

Why do certain consumers in Denmark prefer organic food products, while others opt for locally produced? A recent study from the University of Copenhagen is investigating these questions by analysing consumer values, opinions, and sociodemographic differences.

Urban food problems range from poor access to healthy food to unsustainable ways of feeding city-dwellers.  © iStock/Nautiluz56

130 cities unite to tackle urban food challenges

By Lynda Searby

A UK project to tackle childhood obesity and Riga’s green treatment of food waste are two of the first initiatives to come out of a pledge to collaborate on food challenges, signed by cities across the globe.

Truss is calling on industry to increase its use of voluntary local labelling to show what farm or county the food is from - unlike in Italy where the government has voted in mandatory labels for place of production and packaging

UK government calls for more local labelling

By Niamh Michail

The UK government is calling on manufacturers to use local county of origin labelling on its products – but unlike in Italy such measures would be voluntary.

The Prince of Wales told the German conference on regional food security that cheap food production is really

“The price of apparently cheap food is costing nothing less than the Earth.”

We are not amused: Prince launches scathing attack on food industry

By Nathan Gray

The Prince of Wales has called on Europe to ‘recalibrate and re-gear’ its food systems towards a local model of food production and distribution - while issuing a wide-ranging attack on current practices within the food industry.

European local food logo, professionalised local food systems proposed

European local food logo, professionalised local food systems proposed

By Jess Halliday

A new European logo for local foods could help consumers identify products sold a short distance from their place of origin, says the Dutch regional councillor behind an opinion on professionalising local food systems to bolster regional economies and...


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