Cocoa trees naturally absorb cadmium from soils via their roots and deposit it in the nibs (centre) of cocoa beans. Pic: As You Sow

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Chocolate companies respond to latest claims of excessive cadmium in cocoa

By Anthony Myers

Consumer Reports (CR), a US independent, non-profit member organisation, has doubled down on its campaign against lead and cadmium in chocolate and urges changes after a new survey finds a third of products contain ‘concerning’ levels of heavy metals.

'Climate change is one of the most urgent threats to our planet that we face today,' said Michele Buck, Hershey CEO and President. Pic: Hershey


Hershey announces new measures to tackle climate change

By Anthony Myers

The global confectionery giant said it will invest in renewable energy and land-use initiatives, target 100% of its plastic packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030 and announced a no-deforestation policy.

Hershey suffers flat sales

Hershey suffers flat sales

By Anita Awbi

Iconic chocolate and snacks brand Hershey has announced
disappointing sales figures, but posted a seven per cent rise in
quarterly profit as the company works on product innovation and
cost minimisation.

Catching the KitKat

Catching the KitKat

Nestle believes it will walk away with lucrative US rights to its
KitKat brand whether or not it wins a takeover battle for American
chocolate icon Hershey because of a deal dating back to 1970,
reports Reuters on Thursday.


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