Global Food Safety

Mike Taylor, deputy commissioner for foods, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) presenting on Day 1

Dispatches from GFSC 2016 in Berlin

GFSC Day 1 round-up: Auditor competence and role of big data

By Joseph James Whitworth

Assurances on auditor competence, using ‘big data’ as part of a proactive system and food fraud featured heavily on the opening day of an international conference.

Egg is a common food allergen

‘Window of opportunity’ before allergen thresholds

By Joseph James Whitworth

There is a ‘window of opportunity’ for the analytical community to get its house in order before allergen thresholds come in, according to an analyst for the Government Chemist.

red24assist's Gap Analysis Tool pinpoints and tackles vulnerabilities in food and beverage safety programs.

Are there gaps in your safety program?

By Jenni Spinner

red24assist has launched a web-based tool designed to enable food professionals to locate shortfalls in their safety programs.


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