Personalised nutrition works: Professor John Mathers

Innovation Conference

Personalised nutrition ‘really works’: new research

By Rick Pendrous

New EU research shows that diets targeted at an individual’s specific needs –personalised nutrition – can improve health more than general nutrition advice, but the results are not improved by honing that advice based on people's phenotype (physiological...

Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics hold much promise for providing better nutritional advice to genetic subgroups, individuals and the consumer. (©


Gene-diet insights key to personalised nutrition success

By Will Chu

Separating fact from fiction will be one of the main challenges for the food industry when it assesses personalised nutrition from the wealth of research that looks into gene-diet interactions.  

Warthogs are believed to have a different gene variation making them resistant to disease

ASF-resistant pigs identified in historic study

By Oscar Rousseau

The ground has shifted in the fight against African swine fever (ASF) after scientists in Scotland used advanced genetic engineering to potentially create ASF-resilient pigs. 

Sweet foods meant life-saving vitamins and minerals in the early human landscape. That landscape has been swamped with unhealthy sweet foods today.

A sweet tooth is just as genetic as asthma, says researcher

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

About 50% of our preference for sweet food and drinks can be attributed to genetics, about the same level of heritability as certain personality traits and asthma, according to a food sensory scientist.   

Genome research project bids to eliminate listeria

Canadian research projects targets listeria

By Joseph James Whitworth

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has partnered with two other organisations to support a $1.4m genomics research project to eliminate listeria from the food supply.

Scientists to identify disease-resistant genes

EU project analyses genetic resistance to disease in livestock

By Carmen Paun, in Brussels

A European Union (EU) funded research project called Quantomics has been investigating the hereditary information of cattle and chicken to discover the genes that make them more resistant to diseases and infections.

Chr Hansen brings down genomic research costs (and time)

Chr Hansen brings down genomic research costs (and time)

Danish supplier Chr Hansen is reaping the benefits of more than 10 years researching genomics and bioinformatics of its probiotic and other bacterial strains, with inhouse analysis that can cost less than €1000 per strain.


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