Genetically Modified Crops

The commercialization of gene-edited wheat in China will secure its food security. Pic: GettyImages/Ackert Bueckert

China approves safety of gene-edited wheat

By Gill Hyslop

The Chinese government has granted approval for the production of the country’s inaugural gene-edited wheat variety, a significant step towards the commercialization of genetically modified (GM) food crops.

New measures approved by the EU today will mean greater flexibility for EU member states to restrict or ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops in their own territories

EU backs bid for national bans on GM crops

By Nathan Gray

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to allow individual countries within the EU to ban the cultivation of genetically modified food crops on their soil, even if the EU has already approved them for wider cultivation.

GM crops to feed the world?

GM crops to feed the world?

Hunger is on the rise again after falling steadily during the first
half of the 1990s, warns the UN's annual hunger report released on
Wednesday. In the same week, a Danish task force asserts that
organisations are falling short...

GM trials, wasted time?

GM trials, wasted time?

Are recent trials in the UK on genetically modified crops a sham ?
A new analysis published by environmental group Friends of the
Earth yesterday suggests that the four year long evaluations
'will fail to provide any conclusive...


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