France-based Interpol is an international police force battling many forms of criminality

Brazil's meat firms face fraud attacks

By Kakie Roubaud

Interpol wants international assistance in its investigation into alleged fraud against the Brazilian pork and poultry industry, with one trade association admitting the sector has been hit with external attacks, GlobalMeatNews can reveal.

Food fraud – Does the punishment fit the crime?

Foodex 2016

Food fraud – Does the punishment fit the crime?

By Jenny Eagle

More education needs to be done in the supply chain and to promote the pattern of sharing information in the fight against food fraud, according to Prof Tony Hines, director, Global Regulatory Services and Crisis Management, Leatherhead Food Research.

30% of honey products analysed were bulked out with cheap sugar syrups.

Food fraud: Honey a monster; fish better schooled

By David Burrows

Levels of fish fraud across the EU have fallen to below 6%. But initial results for honey suggest 19% – and perhaps even up to 32% – of products tested are not compliant with EU food regulations.

First used for taxonomy but now for food fraud: proponents say DNA barcoding allows for greater traceability

DNA sprays and added bacteria to fight food fraud

By Niamh Michail

Spray-on DNA or added bacteria may be the future of the fight against food fraud   - but analysts warn that consumers could react against more additives being used to guarantee a product’s authenticity or naturalness

New legislation aims to prevent food scandals

Europe gives thumbs-up to food fraud penalties

By Keith Nuthall

The European Parliament has approved a detailed report that suggests EU member states should punish food fraud with penalties of at least twice the estimated economic gain sought by the fraudster, to prevent a recurrence of last year’s horsemeat scandal.

Meat was not among the top ten at-risk foods

EU highlights top ten foods at risk of fraud


Olive oil, fish and organic foods are at the highest risk of food fraud in Europe, according to a new draft report from the European Union – but meat is not in the top ten, despite this year’s high-profile horse meat scandal.

PolyOne's Percept authentication technology suite is designed to protect food brands from fraud.

Authentication tech fights food fraud

By Jenni Spinner

PolyOne Corp. has launched an arsenal of technology products designed to help food manufacturers and brand owners protect products against fraud.

Food fraud: Which ingredients are most vulnerable?

Food fraud: Which ingredients are most vulnerable?


You can’t paint a horse like a cow and expect people not to notice – but grind their meat into patties and it may be a different story. So what makes an ingredient vulnerable to food fraud?

Food industry welcomes EU package to tackle VAT fraud

Food industry welcomes EU package to tackle VAT fraud


Industry trade group FoodDrinkEurope has welcomed an anti-VAT fraud package under discussion in the EU, saying that the food and drink sector is greatly impacted by VAT tax fraudsters.

Borrow Sherlock's magnifying glass to find food fraud, advised Wissenburg

‘Think like a criminal’ to beat food fraud, says Danone expert

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The issue of food fraud has traditionally taken a backseat to wider food safety threats – but Europe’s horse meat scandal has underlined the threat it poses to food businesses, according to Danone’s corporate quality projects director Petra Wissenburg.

Hungarian meat industry fights fraud problem

Hungarian meat industry fights fraud problem

By Arabella Mileham

Hungarian pressure groups are pushing for a cut in domestic VAT in order to combat the high level of fraud being committed on sales of meat and other foodstuffs.


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