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Sweden probes competition in food chain

By Katy Askew

The Swedish government is launching a probe into competition in the grocery supply chain as part of a national strategy to boost the competitiveness of the country’s food sector.

“The most successful retailers, producers and fast food chains will make an effort to go ‘glocal’ – to adapt their offerings to local food preferences while retaining their more global allure,” says Euromonitor analyst Daphne Kasriel-Alexander.

'Green food': Euromonitor's top consumer food trend for 2016

How can 'Big Food' become synonymous with sustainability in 2016?

By Niamh Michail

One of 2016’s biggest food industry trends will be the switch to sustainable, says Euromonitor, affecting everything from invisible ingredients to finished products, business acquisitions to public policy – but in consumers' eyes can 'Big Food'...

Consumers and farmers should not be forced to pay for supply-chain confidence by way of arbitrary and compulsory fees which do nothing to improve quality or standards, says Torie MEP.

EU food supply fees blocked as UK MEP cries success

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

The rejected pan-EU fees for food chain inspections would have spelled higher food costs and an excuse to dip official hands into industry and consumer pockets, says a UK Conservative MEP. 

Could clones be hiding out in ice-cream?

Could clones be hiding out in ice-cream?

Ben & Jerry’s campaign to ensure produce from clones is detectable in the food chain shows that bundling biotech in with conventional produce remains unacceptable – but lessons from GM do not seem to have been learned.


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