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French people eat too much salt and not enough fibre: ANSES

By Niamh Michail

The French population is consuming more processed foods, too much salt, and - “most importantly” - not enough fibre compared to ten years ago, according to a survey by the country’s food safety agency ANSES.

Picture: Istockphoto: Daniela Mangiuca

Space... the final frontier for food science at Food Vision USA

By Elaine Watson

To boldly go... where no food conference has gone before? Space food is on the menu at Food Vision USA (we've lined up NASA on day three), but we're just as concerned about what we're eating here on earth, and whether food retailers are...

How can industry warm the Western palate to eating insects?

By Niamh Michail

To sell insects to Western consumers, food manufacturers must create products that align ethical motivations with sensory expectations – meaning cricket-flour cookies will fare better than chocolate-coated crickets. 

Scents and sounds can radically alter the way we perceive flavour, says Saven

How could technology change the way we eat?


Technology and digital media influence the taste, appearance and experience of food more than ever before, says Mandy Saven, head of food, beverage and hospitality at innovation and trends consultancy Stylus.

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

Larger portions decrease liking of food: study

By Maggie Hennessy

Not only do larger portions lead consumers to like the food they are eating less, they also reduce how often people consume those foods, according to the authors of a recent Carnegie Mellon University study.

Producing attractive finger foods - rather than those that require cutlery - could encourage people with Alzheimer's disease to eat more, say researchers.

Finger foods may be best for people with Alzheimer's

By Nathan Gray

Finger foods that are specifically designed for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease could help those suffering with the condition to eat more and improve their nutritional status, say researchers.

Food Standards Agency survey highlights concerns

Survey highlights food safety concerns

By Rod Addy

Consumers were most uneasy about animal cloning, genetic modification, irradiation, and nanotechnology among the new technologies used by the food industry, according to UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) survey results.

Satiety - and energy intake - was linked to how long food was chewed

Time spent chewing food important for satiety, study suggests

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

The amount of time spent chewing food could have an important impact on feelings of fullness – calling into question the suitability of beverages for increasing satiety, according to a new Nestlé-sponsored study.


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