Childhood Obesity


Will the UK’s junk food marketing clampdown combat childhood obesity?

By Katy Askew

The UK Government announced plans to limit the advertising of unhealthy foods last week. The food and advertising industries expressed ‘disappointment’ at ‘draconian’ measures, while health campaigners welcomed the news but voiced concern over possible...

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Should Europe follow in UK footsteps with childhood obesity strategy?

By David Burrows

As the UK’s childhood obesity strategy turned one last week, health campaigners lined up their critiques of the first 365 days. However, the government managed to sidestep any bad press by announcing an expansion of the plan’s focus (from sugar content...

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One in three adolescents is obese, say WHO

By Emma Jane Cash

Health promotion campaigns are failing to reduce obesity in adolescents, according to a report published by World Health Organization (WHO) today.

Advertising rules need to reflect media trends of today - 96% of 12 to 15 year-olds spend more time online than watching TV, according to research from Ofcom last year .© iStock

New UK advertising rules: tighter or full of holes?

By David Burrows

The UK is considering banning the advertising of junk foods to kids in any medium. Restrictions on using characters could however be relaxed provided they are used to push "healthier” products.

Growth rates in childhood obesity slowing - study

Sector not absolved by childhood obesity slowdown

By Nicholas Robinson

A slowdown in childhood obesity growth rates does not absolve the food and drink industry from blame, despite its efforts to reduce the fat, sugar and salt (FSS) content of its products, experts have said.

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

Do drink makers have stomach for anti-obesity fight?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Bravo! The beverage industry has responded enthusiastically to Mrs. Obama’s campaign to tackle childhood obesity - but there’d better be more than froth behind that sparkling rhetoric.


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