Bird Flu

Iraq has a 'lack of commitment' to biosecurity, according to an FAO official in the Middle East

Iraq has ‘chronic’ bird flu problem

By Oscar Rousseau

Iraq’s inability to tackle the cause of bird flu means the deadly virus  is likely to spread across neighbouring countries, according to an expert on animal diseases.

There are concerns that other large poultry-producing regions in the US are at risk

Concerns over spread of US bird flu

By Chloe Ryan

Reported cases of avian influenza in the US have now reached 156 in the past six months, making the current situation the most extensive outbreak of the disease ever reported in the country.

Russia to tighten bird flu controls

Russia to tighten bird flu controls

By Vladislav Vorotnikov

Russia’s consumer watchdog Rospotrebnadzor has warned that it could impose a total ban on imports of poultry products from China over bird flu fears.

Dutch fear flu return

Dutch fear flu return

The Dutch government has ordered the culling of 600 ducks on a farm
after routine blood tests showed signs of antibodies to a mild
strain of bird flu. There are fears of a return of the virus that
devastated much of northern Europe's...

Is bird flu the next SARS?

Is bird flu the next SARS?

Experts in Asia are predicting that the bird flu outbreak is
threatening to evolve into a situation similar to that of the
recent SARS outbreak, as the disease appears to show no signs of
abating. Meanwhile in Europe strict measures...


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