Antibiotic Resistance

Salmonella species' resistance to ciprofloxacin is a 'growing concern', say the researchers

Concerns raised by salmonella enterica antibiotic resistance

By Rod Addy

Foodborne sickness salmonella enterica’s growing resistance to drug treatment has been highlighted in a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada.


MRSA "superbug" found in British cattle

By Nicholas Robinson

Food and farming charity The Soil Association has called on the British government to investigate the bacteria MRSA in UK farm animals, as well as the claimed overuse of antibiotics in farming.

E.coli linked to farm antibiotics

E.coli linked to farm antibiotics

By Melodie Michel

The increase in the number of resistant E.coli cases in the UK is “almost certainly due” to the level of antibiotic use on farms, a report by the Soil Association has said.

Questions raised over antibiotics study

Questions raised over antibiotics study

By Carina Perkins

An American animal welfare organisation has dismissed a UK study on the link between farm antibiotic use and the development of antibiotic-resistant disease in humans as “misleading” and “highly irresponsible”.

MRSA infected foods safe to eat, says EFSA

MRSA infected foods safe to eat, says EFSA

By Rory Harrington

The superbug meticillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is able to infect food but eating or handling tainted produce does not present an increased health hazard to humans, a new report has said.

Food poisoning bacteria focus

Food poisoning bacteria focus

More than 40 per cent of bacteria found in chicken on sale in
Switzerland is resistant to at least one antibiotic, say
researchers publishing their findings this week in BMC Public
Health. The results could have wider implications...

Cranberries: wasted on turkey?

Cranberries: wasted on turkey?

The health benefits of cranberry juice have occupied scientists for
some time. This week researchers in the US claim that cranberry
juice could prove to be the next weapon in fighting bacteria,
especially those which have become resistant...


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