Companies must address their water footprint, says analyst

Water footprint: The food industry's next big challenge?

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Reducing water footprints is an environmental challenge food and beverage companies should be prepared to meet if they want to maintain their competitive position and build reputation among end consumers, according to an analyst.

Head of the German initiative Daniel May says there will be a 'tipping point' at which most companies demand CSPO

France and Germany pledge to source 100% sustainable palm oil


French and German palm oil industries and users have joined a handful of other European countries in committing to source all palm oil sustainably with national pledges announced at the European Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) summit in Berlin...

Haze from the fires engulfed Singapore - and much of Southeast Asia - earlier this year

Greenpeace and RSPO clash over forest fires


Food companies that only use certified sustainable palm oil have been accused of “certifying destruction”, according to a Greenpeace report released to coincide with the first European Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) summit in Berlin this week.

Lab grown meat? Surely it's a matter of taste...

By Nathan Gray

I think everybody agrees that in vitro production of meat could have big potential in solving world hunger. But the technology will not be to everybody's tastes ... and until the technical challenges of flavour are addressed I imagine it will be...

Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil


Why there is great urgency for sustainability in palm oil

By Darrel Webber, secretary general of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Increasing global consumption of palm oil poses serious sustainability challenges and raises questions about leading consumer nations’ responsibility in managing the footprint of its global supply chain. 

The production efficiency approach tends to overwhelm the others, according to Garnett

Food sustainability needs a triple focus: Supply, demand and distribution


Food sustainability may depend on changing the way we produce food, or our demand for different kinds of food, or how it is distributed – but we need to find ways to approach sustainability that address all these issues, according to a food climate expert.

Is sustainability a priority for stevia users?

Is sustainability a priority for stevia users?


Stevia supplier PureCircle has released sustainability goals for 2020 - but is sustainability really top-of-mind for stevia users? And why does the company define calorie reduction as part of sustainability? FoodNavigator speaks with PureCircle's...

Humanity's challenges will be 'of growth and abundance'

Humanity's challenges will be 'of growth and abundance'


Humanity faces major challenges in feeding the world – but we should not underestimate our capacity to innovate to deal with crises, according to keynote speaker at IFT 2013 Fareed Zakaria.

Haze from Indonesian forest fires has become an annual phenomenon across the region

RSPO commends members on quick action to quench fires


Five RSPO-certified palm oil producers accused of contributing to Indonesian forest fires have submitted digital images of their plantations in an effort to clear their names – and the RSPO has commended them for fast action.

Quinoa prices have tripled since 2006

How sustainable is quinoa?


Interest in quinoa has surged among consumers in Europe and the United States – but the rapid increase in its popularity has also given rise to concerns about sustainable production.

How might the sale of ADM cocoa impact the global cocoa supply?

Commodities Watch

Cocoa market awaits impact of ADM Cocoa sale

By Oliver Nieburg

The Archer Daniels Midland Company is in discussions to sell its cocoa processing operations. We find out how potential industry consolidation could affect the cocoa supply.

Sugar users have welcomed the removal of quotas by 2017

EU reaches deal on CAP reform


European institutions reached a deal on reforming the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Wednesday, including a compromise that will end sugar quotas by 2017.

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