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Meet your meat preservation expert.

The meat and poultry market remains a challenging place for processors who want to excel.
Consumers want lean, tasty and tender meat and poultry products, with stable color and minimal artificial additives. These products must also be convenient to use, good value for money and – above all – safe and healthy with easily recognizable labels. For producers, ensuring food safety is critical because of the vulnerability of meat and poultry to microbial contamination. Widely publicized food safety incidents have emphasized these risks amongst consumers, who are quick to switch between product brands. Producers must therefore ensure the safety of their products in order to retain the trust of their customers.

Meeting these requirements can be a serious challenge, but you can rely on Corbion Purac for the best support. We are known throughout the world for our extensive range of effective solutions for the meat and poultry industry. It is one of our key specialties.

With over 80 years of experience, Corbion Purac has become a versatile and knowledgeable partner offering a wide range of preservation solutions. With application labs and production facilities on every continent, we know exactly how our solutions interact with all kinds of meat and poultry products. Our global presence puts us right by your side, wherever you are in the world, and our extensive range of solutions can help ensure the highest standards of food safety and shelf life.

Our solutions:

• Increase food safety
• Extend shelf life
• Stabilize color
• Improve tenderness
• Enable consumer-friendly labeling
• Reduce sodium

Corbion Purac specialties:

• Antimicrobial expertise
• Strong local support
• Reliable source
• Your one-stop-shop for preservation
• Consistent quality

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