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Griffith Foods research finds millions of casual meat reducers, barely detected by food industry.

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Griffith Foods research finds millions of casual meat reducers, barely detected by food industry.

The Griffith Foods Team secured opinions, insights, and data from some 4000 consumer residents in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. The results are surprising, even shocking, and at the very least a massive wake-up call for the food industry.

Our data has discovered there are millions more casual consumers already converted to significant meat reduction behaviours and practices. Across each country, the vast majority of participants have only become engaged in the last 18 months.

The key drivers to reduce consumption are health, the environment and ethical reasons such as animal cruelty, welfare. Often, one individual will drive change across a household, suggesting that it may be millennials converting parents and/or siblings.

Griffith Foods asked at what point assumptions should be reviewed, and new data considered. It questioned whether the food industry was talking to the right consumers and asking the right questions about needs, wants, tastes, habits and critically how they may be changing and why.

The follow up question was how best to engage with these groups - especially when they themselves are only partially reducing meat consumption and are not entirely loyal, with different drivers defining those behaviours.

These insights will help shape the next generation of Alternative Protein customer solutions with new products and innovations, underpinned by fresh perceptions, judgments and data.

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