Mettler Toledo tackles lack of space problem

Food manufacturers save space with X33 series
Food manufacturers save space with X33 series

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Mettler Toledo has tweaked its X33 series x-ray inspection system to target food manufacturers with limited factory space.

The x-ray system features the generator developed by Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray in 2012, which offers the same level of foreign body detection as standard systems, using a fifth of the power.

The 800mm machine was designed in collaboration with customers.

It comes without pre-installed guards, unlike the 1,800mm version, so minimises the machine’s footprint during integration.

After installation, guards can be constructed around the detector apertures and over existing conveyors without increasing the system’s size.

The system features an array of diodes that are more sensitive than those traditionally used in x-ray inspection systems. The diodes detect x-ray beams once they have passed through the product and send data to the central processing unit (CPU) which is then used to construct a grey scale image, for the identification of contaminants.

Generator power

The X33 series features a 20 Watt x-ray generator rather than the 100 Watt generator used in traditional x-ray systems and consumes 20% less energy, reducing production costs under typical conditions, said the firm.

It can inspect packaged food products for glass and metal fragments, calcified bone, mineral stone and high-density plastic and perform gross mass measurement of packaged products.

“Many food manufacturers are concerned that they do not have the space to install a standard-size x-ray inspection system,​” explained Daniela Verhaeg, Marketing Manager SBU X-ray Inspection, Mettler-Toledo.

“To enable companies to comply with rigorous food safety standards, such as the International Featured Standards (IFS), we are committed to extending access to the latest technology to every manufacturer”.

An Ethernet-enabled touchscreen display on the X33 series simplifies product set up and changeover for machine operatives with minimal training.

Mettler Toledo said the inclusion of gas-strut assisted lids and doors allows access to the x-ray cabinet for essential maintenance, reducing downtime and costs.

Daniela Verhaeg, marketing manager SBU X-ray Inspection, Mettler Toledo, told that space is a restriction for manufacturers.

"With increased bottom line expenditure such as business overheads, the rising price of raw ingredients and other operation costs, the efficient use of space on existing production lines is seen as a means to boost productivity without investing in new operating facilities.

"Mettler-Toledo Safeline X-ray has developed short versions of its x-ray inspection technologies for a number of years to offer manufacturers a choice of machine sizes to meet the specific needs of their production lines and the X33 Series 800 mm is the latest of these solutions."

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