Ajinomoto feels earthquake effects as sales dip 2.6%

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Ajinomoto feels earthquake effects as sales dip 2.6%
Japanese ingredients supplier Ajinomoto has seen Q1 sales drop 2.6% to ¥296.3bn, with slow global economies and the aftermath of the March natural disasters in Japan affecting the results.

Operating income fell 0.7% to ¥21.6 billion for the leading aspartame leader.

In the first-quarter period under review (April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011), the global economy saw moderate expansion in emerging markets and showed a recovery trend overall, despite instability in financial markets mainly in Europe and volatility in commodity markets,” ​the company said.

“The Japanese economy gradually picked up from the declines in production and downturn in consumption due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, but uncertainties remain about the economy’s full-scale future recovery, partly due to the impact of the nuclear power plant accident and electricity shortages.”

In regard to aspartame the company said: Sales of low-calorie sweeteners for home use and the restaurant market increased slightly. Sales of aspartame, a sweetener, for the processing industry decreased considerably, impacted by a decline in sales volumes as well as foreign exchange rates.”

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