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About Blue California
Blue California is a well-respected manufacturer of highly purified botanical extracts and specialty ingredients, with a GMP-certified plant extraction facility and a contract manufacturing facility to meet our customers processing requirements. We are committed to establishing the highest industry standards for our natural ingredients; from the sourcing of special raw materials from around the world, to our manufacturing process and excellent customer service. Our innovative approach to product research and development has earned us recognition within many industries for the quality and value of our ingredients. Our research and development team is comprised of dedicated scientists in the USA, Japan and China; their common goal is to find solutions for our customers and develop innovative manufacturing processes in order to achieve highest purity natural compounds. In California, our quality control department follows a stringent quality control protocol that includes HPLC, microbiology, FTNIR, identity testing, PPSL-assurance and ICP-MS​ pesticide testing in order to ensure the quality and safety of our ingredients. We are proud to meet our customers’ demand for validated quality and better value.

Innovation and R&D Services
Blue California specializes in the development of unique and innovative bio-technologies to achieve the highest purity and greatest efficiency in our production of natural compounds. We offer extensive R&D services to the nutraceutical, food, cosmetics and flavor industries for the development of unique natural ingredients, from isolated, high-purity, single compounds to complex botanical extracts derived from natural sources. We produce ingredients, based on our
Customers’ unique specifications and requirements, from lab-scale samples to large-volume commercial toll-manufacturing. In many cases, we offer exclusivity for specific target markets.

Quality Control
Our in-house laboratory is equipped with HPLC, UV, FT-NIR and PPSL screening. Our certificates of analysis are based on assay results from our own laboratories and third party certification. Independent validation for active ingredients, heavy metals, pesticides and solvent residue are part of our quality control program. Third party lab reports are available to customers upon request.

Certification and Accomplishment

GMP​- Blue California’s manufacturing facility is in compliance with Good
Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as set forth in NSF/ANSI Standard 173-2008, Dietary Supplements, Section 8. Registered since April, 2006, we maintain our GMP registration through independent bi-annual audits by NSF.

Kosher​ – Our manufacturing facility is kosher certified through KOF-K, we offer kosher certification for more than 500 botanical ingredients. Our facility does not use, produce or store any animal products or bi-products.

Facility Audits:​ Customer audits of our manufacturing facility are welcome. Many of our current customers in the food, beverage, dietary supplements, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries have audited our manufacturing facility directly or through independent agencies such as RQA.

Unique Ingredients
Blue California specializes in the development and manufacture of botanical extracts and the isolation and purification of high-purity natural compounds. We use innovative biotechnologies and processing systems, including fermentation, to produce safe natural ingredients, free of pesticides, impurities and contaminants, that meet the strictest quality and regulatory requirements for the many industries and markets we serve.

The FDA’s GRAS notice for Good&Sweet™ Reb-A 99% was received July 21, 2009- Blue California’s trademarked high purity Reb-A received the FDA’s GRAS notice, becoming the first manufacturer of purified Reb-A to receive the agency’s GRAS confirmation.

The FDA’s GRAS notice for L-TeaActive™ was issued on November 5, 2010. Blue California’s L-TeaActive is the first L-Theanine derived from green tea to be certified GRAS by the FDA for use in foods and beverages. Blue California’s proprietary manufacturing method allows us to achieve the highest processing efficiency ensuring thus, not just guaranteed high purity, but also a very competitive price and ensured availability for our customers.

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