Next-Gen Solutions: Unveiling the future of Dairy Alternatives

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Next-Gen Solutions: Unveiling the future of Dairy Alternatives

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What are the key trends driving consumption in this segment right now?
And how can manufacturers respond with new concepts that hit the sweet spot for consumers - in terms of taste, texture and health (of both people and planet)?
Join the dsm-firmenich experts to discover why some traditional plant proteins used in dairy alternatives may be losing favor; and how nutritious new plant-based ingredients like Vertis™ CanolaPRO® canola protein are now being used to deliver a smooth texture and clean taste in alternative dairy drinks, yogurts and RTM/RTD beverages, ice cream and cream cheese.

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Melanie Melanie Luangrath Director - New Business Development
DSM Food & Beverage

Barbara Barbara Jacobs Applications Manager
DSM Food Specialties