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Everybody’s talking about reclose: Whitepaper

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Everybody’s talking about reclose: Whitepaper

Consumers demand it, brands want it and own brands are catching up fast. So why given the importance of reclose for flexible packaging is it often an afterthought or just a box to be ticked?

So much goes into the design of a pack, shelf appeal and graphics. However when it comes to reclose often a very simple 10mm zip is chosen because it is too late to factor anything else in or even worse the dreaded sticky label that everyone hates.

The post purchase consumer experience has two key elements. Can I get into the pack? Can I reclose it? If either of those elements are problematic then it can be a major source of consumer frustration which translates into lost brand value.

The good news is that it’s just not necessary. So much competitive advantage is effectively being ‘left on the table’. This no longer needs to be the case with all the options available today. A significant first step could be as simple as choosing the correct reclose option early on in pack development.

It’s amazing how many packaging development professionals believe that there are only one or two zipper options available. There are over 250 options to choose from so that you can tailor the reclose to the pack format, size, weight, contents type, processing method and a host of value added features can also be incorporated.

This white paper will serve as a very practical guide and reference source in order to assist the packaging professional choose the most adapted and optimal solution for their pack. Modern production techniques and state of the art innovation capabilities also open up a much wider array of opportunities to create unique sources of competitive advantage from the humble reclose.

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