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Cargill™ soluble fiber: Healthy choice, clear results

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Cargill™ soluble fiber: Healthy choice, clear results

The demand for products that are reduced in sugars*, but still deliver on taste and mouthfeel only continues to rise. However, reducing sugars is not as easy as it may seem, as sugars not only add sweetness, but they also have an essential bulking functionality.  At the same time front-of-pack labeling systems, such as Nutri-Score, are swaying consumers towards healthier options. Often, this means products enriched with fibers.

That is why we are proud to offer Cargill™ soluble fiber based on European corn and wheat. These plant-based and label-friendly ingredients help manufacturers answer consumer demand for sugar reduction and fiber enrichment while improving the nutritional profile of food & beverages.

* Reduction of all types of caloric sugars and sweeteners

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