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The benefits of acacia gum in gut health
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Alland & Robert affirms acacia gum has benefits on gut health

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Acacia gum, also known as gum arabic, is a natural, safe and plant-based additive or ingredient. It comes from an exudation of Acacia trees after the incision of their stems and branches. Acacia gum has been used for centuries and provides many different functional properties such as emulsifying properties or fiber enrichment. It is nowadays found in a wide variety of consumer products all over the world.


Now, in addition to its versatility, digestive health can be added to the list the benefits of acacia gum. Alland & Robert, a leading manufacturer of acacia gum and expert of natural gums since 1884, recently conducted a study that confirms that people who consume acacia gum every day improve their intestinal health. The objective of the Alland & Robert study was to provide scientific data that support the use of acacia gum as a gut health improver. Scientific research has already highlighted that in addition to being a fiber, acacia gum is a prebiotic. Alland & Robert decided to go further and conducted a study to evaluate the impact of acacia gum on consumers who suffer from intestinal disorders regularly.

In recent years, the gastrointestinal system has been linked to general health: from weight management to immunity to chronic illnesses, and even to sleep problems or skin health. About 70 million Americans are estimated to be affected by digestion discomforts. As scientists continue to explore the role played by the GI on human health, there is no doubt that the digestive health market will continue to boom: the global digestive health products market is expected to grow to $59 Billion by 20251​. Many consumers today know that a happy, healthy gut is key for overall wellbeing. There is significant demand for food, beverage and dietary supplements with digestive health advantages. Manufacturers must understand the expectations of consumers and provide safe and natural products that answer their demands, and acacia gum is a multi-functional and natural option to formulate gut-friendly food and beverages.

Consuming acacia gum daily improves intestinal discomfort and pain

Alland & Robert worked with a leading company in consumer insight. The study consisted in the recruitment of 240 consumers who declared they suffer regularly from intestinal disorders such as flatulence, bloating, stomach aches, accelerated or slowed down transit. Consumers were separated in 3 groups and took various dosages of acacia gum daily for 2 months. After 60 days, 80% of the consumers declared their intestinal discomfort had improved. Seventy-eight percent% of consumers agreed the intake of acacia gum daily had a beneficial effect on their digestive health, and 88% of the participants said they had low intestinal pain after 2 months of consuming acacia gum. According to Dr. Isabelle Jaouen, R&D Director of Alland & Robert, this study shows that acacia gum improves global digestive wellness and relieves the symptoms of intestinal discomfort. She declared: “Intestinal disorders impact the daily lives of a large portion of the human population. At Alland & Robert, we wanted to explore the possibility that acacia gum would provide an answer to these needs. Thanks to this study, we can affirm that acacia gum contributes to the improvement of the gut health and therefore the general well-being of a large majority of those tested. It is very likely that acacia gum, a natural fiber, favorably feeds our microbiota, which has already been described in the scientific literature in connection with its prebiotic effects“.

As a prebiotic fiber, acacia gum can be used for the formulation of many applications

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Scientific research has already shown that acacia gum is a prebiotic fiber. Its functional properties make it a perfect ingredient to enhance the fiber content of food and beverages. And the addition of acacia gum doesn’t impact or compromise the texture, appearance or texture product. According to Professor Christian Sanchez who works on basic research on acacia gum at the IATE2​ laboratory at the University of Montpellier, France: “Because of its classification as a fiber and its emulsifying properties, acacia gum could, theoretically, be used in all formulated food products since it also has the advantage of being temperature stable. Think yogurts, dairy products and derivatives, as well as baked goods and, more broadly, any flour-based products.”

Violaine Fauvarque, Marketing Manager at Alland & Robert, added: “Multifunctional and versatile, acacia gum has many advantages. It can give texture, sweeten a taste or mask an aftertaste, and it can increase the fiber or prebiotic content with a very low-calorie intake. Today, our study shows that acacia gum is a good fit in products formulated to improve digestive comfort. This also confirms that acacia gum responds in an innovative way to the challenges encountered in many industries.”

Alland & Robert is a leading manufacturer of tree exudates and natural gum since 1884, with a strong focus on acacia gum. Alland & Robert research and their study on acacia gum and gut health has been summarized in a technical paper that is available here:

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