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Optimising food industry processes with functional systems
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Enhancing food quality: The role of functional systems

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Functional systems play a significant role in the food industry, yet their importance may not always be apparent.

While taste and appearance often take centre stage in culinary appreciation, behind the scenes a world of scientific innovation and meticulous formulation is at play. One such innovation that significantly impacts the quality and stability of food products is the development of functional systems.

These systems are blends of ingredients meticulously crafted to perform specific functions in food products. From enhancing texture and consistency to improving stability and shelf life, functional systems elevate the overall sensory experience of food. This article delves into their importance and role in driving innovation in the food industry.

At the heart of every functional system lies a meticulous combination of ingredients, each chosen for its unique properties and functionality. These systems are highly customisable, allowing food manufacturers to tailor them to meet specific needs and requirements.

A diverse array of components constitutes functional systems, with hydrocolloids, such as pectins, emerging as prominent players in this field. Pectins, naturally occurring hydrocolloids found in the peels of citrus fruits or apples, possess remarkable gel-forming, stabilising, and emulsifying properties. As such, they are widely utilised in functional systems across various food applications.

Applications of functional systems

Functional systems find applications across a wide spectrum of food products, contributing to their quality, stability and overall consumer appeal. Some key applications include:

  • Gel Formation​ In products such as jams, jellies and creamy desserts, functional systems containing pectins facilitate the formation of a stable gel matrix, imparting the desired texture and consistency.
  • Stabilisation​ Functional systems are instrumental in preventing phase separation in food products such as fruit sauces and beverages. By maintaining the uniform distribution of solid and liquid particles, they enhance stability and prolong shelf life.
  • Emulsification​ Margarines, spreads and creamy dressings owe their smooth texture and creamy mouthfeel to functional systems that stabilise emulsions between water and fats. This ensures a consistent texture and prevents undesirable separation.
  • Texture modification​ Functional systems play a crucial role in controlling the consistency and viscosity of food products, allowing manufacturers to achieve the desired texture and mouthfeel.
  • Sugar reduction​ With growing consumer demand for healthier food options, functional systems offer a solution for reducing sugar content in products such as jams and low-sugar desserts. By providing the necessary texture and mouthfeel without the need for excessive sugar, they cater to health-conscious consumers without compromising on taste.

Customised functional solutions driving innovation

In the complex landscape of the food market, finding the right formula to balance quality, cost and functionality can be a challenging task. Functional systems offer a way to optimise processes and strike a balance between costs, innovation and quality. Their versatility makes them suitable for professionals navigating the complexities of the food market. Functional blends offer tailored solutions to meet diverse needs.

FARA® customised functional solutions by Faravelli Group offer tailormade solutions for such needs. Faravelli Group, with its original core business as a distributor of ingredients and raw materials, has expanded its operations over the past 20 years to include the production of FARA® customised functional solutions.

The company's mission is to provide the ‘keystone’ that allows the combination of ingredients and industrial processes, transforming ideas and concepts into profitable realities through the development of customised solutions. The result is a functional system composed of a variety of raw materials carefully selected to meet specific requirements.

Produced in an International Featured Standard (IFS) Food 7-certified facility, authorised to manufacture blends and semi-finished products for the food and feed industry, these customised functional solutions are used in various sectors of the food industry, from confectionery to meat, plant-based products and beverages.

Faravelli's commitment to research and development is exemplified by its dedicated in-house laboratory focused on the development and production of the FARA® line. Located in Italy and certified to the highest industry standards, this facility ensures the consistent quality and performance of products.

Innovating with functional gummies

Functional gummies have surged in popularity due to their convenient format, appealing taste and targeted health benefits. Unlike traditional supplements, they offer an easy way for consumers to integrate essential nutrients into their daily routines without the hassle of preparation. Formulated to enhance immune function, cognition and joint health, among other benefits, these gummies cater to individual wellness needs.

With a diverse range of options available, consumers can select products that suit their preferences. Additionally, the widespread availability of functional gummies in supermarkets, pharmacies and online stores makes them an accessible choice for those seeking to support their overall wellbeing. Faravelli also offers a line of functional gummies under the FARA® brand, providing yet another option for those looking to optimise their health with this convenient and enjoyable format.

From vegan beauty gummies enriched with zinc and selenium to immunity-boosting variants fortified with essential nutrients, functional gummies cater to a wide range of consumer needs. Whether promoting nail and hair health, enhancing cognitive function, or providing relief from chronic pain, these gummies offer a convenient and enjoyable way to incorporate functional ingredients into daily routines.

For those seeking to unlock the full potential of functional systems in their food products, Faravelli's FARA® line stands ready to innovate and inspire. Their adaptability positions them as optimal choices for professionals aiming for outstanding outcomes in the competitive food industry. Whether utilised in confectionery, meat products, plant-based alternatives or beverages, these solutions are customised to address the varied needs of manufacturers and consumers.

Would you like to know more about functional systems and how they can transform your food products? Email to explore the possibilities with FARA®.