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Improving functionality through Flavourings - Tips from the Taste Experts
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Improving functionality through flavourings - Tips from the taste experts

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Flavourings are used extensively throughout the food industry in a wide range of applications; whether it’s a premium line, artisanal speciality, or store cupboard essential, the application of food flavourings give food manufacturers the capability of enhancing or modifying the flavour of their product to give customers the optimal sensory experience. 

Choosing the correct flavouring is now an established phase in developing many new products, however developments in flavour technology, and evolving food culture, ensure that product developers may be looking towards food flavourings to provide a greater variety of solutions than ever before. 

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Consistent quality ​ 

The ability to economically manufacture food on an industrial scale is dependent on procuring consistent raw materials. Variability in the quality of raw materials, whether from seasonal variation, varietal differences, or changes in the material throughout storage, can have a significant impact on the quality of the product, leading to the potential of batch-to -batch variations which are not appreciated by the production line, or the end customer. 

Food flavourings allow manufacturers to add a flavour profile to their product that ensures consistency across production batches; whether it is a signature indulgent profile, more true-to-life fruit nuance, or light top note, the use of flavourings help manufacturers ensure that the customers’ expectation of a consistently high-quality product is met. 

Extending shelf life​ 

With an increase in ethical awareness towards reducing food waste, and obvious economic advantages for businesses, the shelf life stability of raw materials, as well as finished products, has an increasingly important part to play.  

TasteTech’s flavour8 encapsulation process can stabilise volatile essential oils, increasing their shelf life by up to two years by reducing their rate of oxidation.  The encapsulation then releases in the presence of moisture to deliver a high-impact, fresh, clean flavour profile in the application. 

Increasing the shelf life of a flavouring through encapsulation is not only a “clean label” method of preservation, but can effectively extend the availability of seasonal essential oils crops, ensuring that the oil is available for a manufacturer to store at a consistent level of quality, while being safeguarded from some of the price fluctuations which seasonal items can be prone to. 

Environmental impact​ 

Reducing the environmental impact of all food production —  both industrially and domestically — will be an important contributor to combating the climate emergency. Several natural foodstuffs used to flavour food, including certain types of fruit and nuts, require significant amounts of resources to grow, harvest and transport. 

By using small quantities of concentrated naturally derived chemicals, flavour manufacturers can recreate the flavour profile of these fresh ingredients, bringing food manufacturers the flavour profile they desire, in an easy to use format, while decreasing — or omitting — some of the ingredients which are having a higher environmental impact. 

Delivering flavour combinations for the next generation ​ 

TasteTech has been creating flavourings from their site in Bristol in the UK for over 25 years. They have a team of flavour and applications specialists that work tirelessly to create unique and trend setting flavourings for manufacturers across the industry.  

As well as being experts in flavourings they are world leaders in encapsulation technology.  TasteTech have a range of encapsulation technologies, each one designed to provide unique benefits in manufacturing or application.  For example, flavour8  is a low taint system that allows manufacturers to use multiple flavours in one chocolate box without fear of cross contamination and with no extra packaging.  

The days of producing mint only products are over!​  

Extending your R&D department ​ 

TasteTech’s onsite flavour and applications team have years of experience across the food industry with particular expertise in chewing gum, bakery, nutrition, and confectionery.  This mix of skills means TasteTech has the perfect team ready to work closely with manufacturers to develop their latest exciting product.  They always have an eye on the latest trends and are ready to suggest the next big flavour.  

Find out more ​ 

To find out more about how the TasteTech team’s expertise and technology can help your product, visit their website or get in touch.  

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