TasteTech Encapsulation Solutions

TasteTech Encapsulation Solutions

Creative solutions for the food industry

TasteTech are a specialist manufacturer of encapsulated controlled release flavourings and ingredients. Since they began in 1992, they have been at the forefront of microencapsulation technology, pioneering solutions to leading food manufacturers worldwide.

TasteTech offer creative solutions to the bakery, confectionery, chewing gum and nutrition markets and are always looking for new businesses and sectors that might benefit from our expertise. Whether you are developing a new product or trying to solve a manufacturing issue TasteTech have a team of flavour and applications experts that are on hand to work with you as an extension of your R&D team.

TasteTech have a broad range of encapsulation technologies that provide different benefits for different applications, from extending shelf life to extending chew time, controlling pH to flavour masking. For example, their flagship bakery preservative is Sorbicplus, the unique encapsulated sorbic acid that keeps bread mould-free for up to 30 days whilst also significantly reducing yeast levels. 

Another example is flavour8, a flavour format that has been designed to unlock the creative potential of flavourings in low water applications such as chocolate. This leading edge encapsulation technology ensures flavour is released in the mouth not the packaging.

If you want to find out more about the full range of Encapsulation Solutions TasteTech provide, visit our website and get in touch.

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