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Future Food-Tech 2023: Sustainable foods for a climate-smart future
Future Food-Tech London, September 28-29, 2023

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Future Food-Tech is exploring how to create nutritious and healthy foods for a climate-smart future

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Amidst the current food crisis and mounting concerns about sustainability and climate change, the imperative to create nutritious and healthy foods for a climate-smart future has never been more urgent.

The challenges faced by the food industry call for collaborative efforts from food brands, entrepreneurs, and experts alike to navigate the complex landscape of delivering nourishing food while minimizing environmental impact.

In response to these pressing issues, Future Food-Tech’s European flagship event, has announced its programme in London on September 28-29, 2023. The gathering will convene over 800 leaders from diverse sectors including food brands, ingredient providers, pioneering entrepreneurs and investors, with a shared mission to tackle the global food crisis and promote a more sustainable and health-conscious food system.

The future-focused programme is centred around insightful discussions and presentations, highlighting the latest innovations in improving health through food, advancing the performance and nutritional profile of alternative proteins, and meeting consumer demand for affordable foods whilst reducing carbon footprint across the supply chain.

Distinguished speakers from notable companies like PepsiCo, Unilever, Mondelēz and Sainsbury’s are among the line-up of over 100 international experts set to take the stage at the InterContinental O2 in London.

Distinguished speakers

  • Richard Zaltzman, Chief Impact Officer at EIT Food, will lead a session as the chair
  • Carla Hilhorst, Chief R&D Officer for Nutrition at Unilever 
  • Sean Westcott, Senior Vice President of R&D for Europe at PepsiCo
  • Claire Hughes, the Director of Product Development & Innovation at Sainsbury’s
  • Eric Archambeau, Co-Founder & Partner of Astanor Ventures
FFLN23 - Speakers Graphic

The events programme, carefully crafted with input from its esteemed international Advisory Board, delves into critical industry challenges and explores avenues to accelerate the development of innovative solutions and partnerships.

Opening panel

The action kicks off with a networking breakfast at 9am (BST) on September 28. The stage is set for a stimulating discourse as the spotlight falls on the first panel discussion titled “Nutrition Without Sacrifice: Creating Delicious, Healthy Foods for All.” Esteemed senior figures from the industry will delve into a number of crucial inquiries, navigating the intersection of culinary experiences and nutritional excellence. An array of thought-provoking questions comes into focus:

  • As push back against ultra-processed foods increases, how are companies across the food sector navigating the delivery of tasty, pleasurable food, whilst ensuring their products are nourishing and healthy for the consumer?
  • To what extent does processing impact nutritional quality, and should there be a different definition of ultra processed foods to distinguish between the healthy and unhealthy?
  • What innovative solutions are in the market to create healthier products, from infant formula, plant-based patties and sugar alternatives? What challenges do these processes present?
  • How does the sector ensure affordable and accessible food with scepticism around ultra-processed food, when new processes and technology are needed to feed the growing population?
  • How do platforms like Nutri-score provide measurement and accountability for the nutritional profile of foods, as well as improving consumer awareness and understanding of what’s in their food?

In-depth session highlights

The event will host a range of captivating sessions across the two days, each dedicated to exploring crucial aspects of the food-tech domain:

  • “Climate-Smart Food: Solutions to Reduce & Measure Environmental Impact” – with Sodexo, Aleph Farms and CarbonCloud
  • “A Turning Point for Plant-Based: Delivering on the Promise of Viable Alternatives” – with WIRED, Edlong, THIS and Oatly
  • “Next Steps for Biotech: Harnessing Innovation to Reach Commercialisation” – with The Kitchen Hub, Blue Horizon, Cocoon Biosciences and Profuse Technology
  • “Better-For-You: Delivering Indulgence & Comfort Whilst Reducing Sugar Levels” – with Elo Life Systems and Mondelez International
  • “Food Security: Targeting Innovation & Investment at Supply Chain Challenges” – with ECBF, Waitrose & Partners, TraceGains and Sime Darby Plantation
  • “Optimising Fermentation: Overcoming Infrastructure Limitations & Increasing Yield” – with Synthesis Capital, CPI, EV Biotech, Nomura Greentech, and Givaudan
  • “Consumer Deep Dive: Analysing Trends & Drivers with Data” – with Deliveroo and AI Palette
  • “Financing Food-Tech: Weathering the Storm of 2023 & Preparing for 2024” – with McWin Partners, Five Seasons Ventures, ING Group and Capagro

Exploring beyond the main stage: Immersive sessions and culinary innovations

Miriam Ueberall, Strategic Advisor and Senior R&D Executive, formerly Kraft Heinz and Unilever says: “This September I'm looking forward to hearing from thought leaders and joining in on discussions, enriching my own thinking. Future Food-Tech is an excellent opportunity to meet, connect, and evolve partnerships, while identifying how we can make bolder moves to solve our societal challenges around net zero, food security and affordability.”

Complementing the main stage debates, a series of daily breakout sessions offer deeper interactive conversations, alongside the well-received small group roundtables. Attendees will have the chance to immerse themselves in food-tech innovation through delicious food experiences embedded within the exhibition. This includes offerings featured on the menu in the Taste Lab, providing a first-hand experience with cutting-edge products at the forefront of food tech.

The event’s flourishing Start-Up Arena will introduce a diverse selection of international early-stage food-tech entrepreneurs from around the world. These promising innovators will take the stage in live pitching sessions and showcase their ventures, exemplifying the dynamic landscape of innovation within the industry.

As attendees navigate the exhibition space, they will have the opportunity to connect with innovation teams and stay updated with the most recent developments. A diverse selection of companies including DSM, Al Palette, Aleph Farms, Black & Veatch, EIT Food, ICL, Profuse Technology, BioInnovation Institute, Resugar, CarbonCloud, Demolish, and Fresh Start, among others, will be present to share their groundbreaking developments. These interactions with industry pioneers and disruptors facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape and its future trajectory. The event stands as a convergence point of innovation, providing grounds for knowledge exchange and collaboration.

FFLN23 - Floorplan

The event offers an array of networking opportunities, including breakfasts, lunches, drinks reception and a dedicated one-on-one meeting hub tailored for scheduled meetings. The online networking platform and app open two weeks before the summit for delegates to connect in advance and plan out their days with valuable meetings.

This dynamic platform is a catalyst for an exceptional return on invested time, fostering interactions among senior strategic leaders spanning the food-tech value chain. Through these engagements, partnerships are cultivated, and the pace of innovation is created, collectively steering the trajectory towards a future of creating nutritious and healthy foods for a climate smart future.

Anne Marie Butler, the Global Director of Strategy and Innovation at Edlong Flavor Solutions, perfectly captures the essence of Future Food-Tech’s impact. She says: “Future Food-Tech is an event I truly look forward to with a diverse blend of start-ups, corporates, scientists and VCs. It gives participants a pulse on what the future of food really looks like and as it has a global footprint allows some fantastic networking opportunities. It's been a wonderful addition to our calendar and has aided our future focused approach to development and innovation.” Butler recognises that the event not only offers a glimpse into the forthcoming food landscape but also facilitates extensive global networking, enhancing collaboration.

Senior representation is confirmed already from innovation-leaders across the food-tech ecosystem from technology to investment, food brands and retail:

FFLN23 - Ecosystem2

Dates: September 28-29, 2023

Venue: The InterContinental O2, London – see details and accommodation 

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