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The COVID-19 pandemic places the link between diet and wellness into sharp relief. The connection between obesity and higher morbidity rates highlights the stark reality that poor diets lead to negative health outcomes. A divergence in consumer behaviour is evident as a widening gulf separates those who seek out health through positive nutrition – and those who do not.

Functional diets incorporating ingredients that deliver either physical or mental health benefits were certainly on the up pre-COVID. As the world emerges from lockdown, will the crisis accelerate this trend? And – given the likely recession looming – will it reach the mass market?


Anke Sentko Anke Sentko Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Nutrition Communication
BENEO Institute

Eve Martinet-Bareau Eve Martinet-Bareau Global Product Manager
DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences

Markus Stripf Markus Stripf Co-CEO & Co-founder
Spoon Guru

Martin Oxley Martin Oxley Founder and Managing Director
Buzzback Europe

Anita Hartog Anita Hartog Senior Scientist Nutrition and Health

Oliver Morrison Oliver Morrison Section Editor​