First to market: natural vegetarian capsules for clean label


Examining the purchasing attitudes of 3,000 consumers across Europe, a recent study commissioned by Capsugel, now a Lonza company, found that clean label solutions are popular amongst food supplement users. With this demand showing no signs of abating, finding a way of coloring food supplements, while helping a product achieve a clean label claim, is vital for manufacturers.

Using advanced technology and quality platforms, the new Vcaps® Plus Spirulina capsule has been specifically designed to help manufacturers meet clean label requirements and secure a competitive advantage.

Why attend the webinar?
In collaboration with NMI, gain access to our latest insights on consumers’ clean label preferences and learn more about the potential of dosage forms and applications.

Discover how Vcaps® Plus Spirulina provides a high-quality solution, adding color to your product without an E Number on the packaging.

All attendees will receive a free sample of Vcaps® Plus capsules.


Stephane Vouche Stephane Vouche Marketing Manager Consumer Health and Nutrition

Morgan Laloux Morgan Laloux Business Development Manager Consumer Health & Nutrition