Researcher doubts link between fructose and diabetes

By Oliver Nieburg

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Geoffrey Livesey, director of UK consultancy firm Independent Nutrition Logic, says most studies linking fructose to diabetes have been in animals and not humans
Geoffrey Livesey, director of UK consultancy firm Independent Nutrition Logic, says most studies linking fructose to diabetes have been in animals and not humans

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The link between fructose and diabetes is too weak to warrant governmental intervention, according to a UK-based researcher.

Worries have been mounting among some researchers that fructose-containing sugars such as sucrose and high fructose corn syrup, lead to accumulation of fat in the liver and ultimately type 2 diabetes.

No government action needed, says Livesey

Writing in the Nutrition Bulletin​, Geoffrey Livesey, director of UK consultancy firm Independent Nutrition Logic rejected this claim.

“Considering all the evidence, the association between fructose in drinks and type-2 diabetes has been deemed limited and too unreliable to merit governmental action via various agencies in the USA”

He said that many scientists and nutritionists who had attended the 2012 American Society for Nutrition meeting and had dismissed the adverse claims made about fructose.

“The main reason behind this decision was that many of the studies were conducted in animals or in humans using doses of fructose far in excess of usual intakes among consumers.”

Most tests on animals

Fructose, which is naturally present in fruits, is often added to sports drinks and confectionery.

According to Livesey, most of the negative side effects of fructose have been observed in studies on laboratory animals using excessive doses of fructose.

“These findings have not been reproduced in human studies at doses consistent with habitual diets,”​ he said, adding that those studies that did analyze the effect of fructose in humans were limited to trials of excessive consumption over a short period.

High threshold

“It is possible that fructose intake needs to reach a threshold in excess of 17% of the energy requirements before liver fat begins to accumulate. This is an amount much greater than the 99th​ percentile for total fructose consumption per person from all ingested sugar sources in the UK,”​ he continued.

He added that the cause of increased bodyweight from heavy fructose consumption was the high energy content. Consequently, studies comparing monosaccharide fructose or other other fructose containing sugars with other carbohydrates had revealed no significant differences on effect on bodyweight.

Nutrition Bulletin, vol. 38, issue 3
DOI: 10.1111/nbu.12045
'Is there really a link between diabetes and the ingestion of fructose?'
Author: G Livesey 

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HFCS is Sugar

Posted by Food Scientist,

The comments that are being produced by this article saddens me. It shows that the US population is still trying to make excuses why they make the choices they make. Understand that the choices you make will effect you and only you. Don't count on any other persons beliefs to make the excuses you need to consume what you do or don't. Sugar is sugar and if you don't believe that, do some more research. I am a food scientist and I have done the research. However, don't take my word for it. Look at the composistion and don't keep thinking that "sugar" on a label is naturally derived from just one ingredient. ITS NOT! Nothing is natural anymore and you are ignorant if you think this. If you didn't pull it out of the grown yourself, than it is probably not "natural". Please stop showing the world how stupid people are and just worry about yourself while you stop trying to make excuses for your condition.

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Posted by Howard,

The reason it has been tested in animals and not humans is purposely giving a fellow human diabetes would be highly unethical!

Understand that, Monsanto? Oh wait, you don't...the concept of ethics is lost on you.

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the writer is a fool

Posted by Violet Weed,

The 'researcher' who says 'no need to concern ourselves about corn syrup' is talking out of his bung hole and even HE knows it. I wonder who paid him off and how much he made for selling his integrity?

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