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Clean label products with  a new non-GMO functional native starch

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Consumer demand drives new product innovation in the clean label category

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As the importance of health and wellness continues to grow, the consumer demand for clean label products increases.

And, whilst this growing need is important to consider, it is also imperative to remember that, above all else, customers crave – and expect – their food and beverage products to taste exceptional.

Consumers also want to know and trust that the claims on the front of packaging is really aligning with the ingredients that are listed on the back.

So, how can manufacturers create authentic, great-tasting products that offer a satisfying, indulgent experience, whilst also enabling the clean label value-add claims that consumers demand? With the right ingredients to back up their label claims.

When considering shifting ingredients to convert products into clean label solutions, Ingredion encourages formulators to Own the AndSM​. This approach focuses on identifying the right product attributes for your consumers and applying the most appropriate formulation solutions to achieve them. In the case of clean label, it means delivering the preferred ingredients AND claims AND delicious eating experience that consumers expect.

Ingredion empowers manufacturers to create the future of the food and beverage industry by conducting primary consumer, manufacturer and retailer research, grounded in creating innovative solutions. Ingredion dials in formulas that offer the right mix of product features to increase consumer appeal and satisfy their multiplying needs.

Redefining clean label products

Having introduced the first high-performing clean label ingredient in the 1990s and later publishing the industry’s enduring “gold standard” clean label definition in 2011, Ingredion has led the way in clean label product innovation and technology for more than two decades.

The expanding range of cutting-edge clean label ingredients, in-depth consumer and marketing insights, and full formulation and development support continues to pave the way of innovative, label-friendly ingredients that consumers love.

In efforts to continuously increase its ingredient offerings, Ingredion is introducing the first non-GMO functional native corn starch and clean label ingredient that provides a unique gelled texture for popular dairy and alternative dairy products.

Meet NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940

With planned availability globally, NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 represents the latest innovation from Ingredion’s premier clean label product pipeline. This minimally processed, functional native starch delivers a novel texture and mouthfeel as well as supports natural claim enablement.

Labeled as consumer-preferred corn starch, NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 is highly recognized and can be more accepted by consumers than gelatin, carrageenan and other common texturants, according to Ingredion’s ATLAS proprietary consumer insights. NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 is free from GMOs and does not sound artificial, meaning that its ingredient listing aligns with consumers’ understanding of on-pack claims and preferences.

What differentiates NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940?

Specifically, NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 is an ideal solution for dairy and dairy alternative products. Ingredion has conducted studies on yogurt and dairy desserts and found that NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 is a great replacement for gelatin in its firming ability, providing rich and creamy mouthfeel.

“NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940, in addition to being clean label, provides a unique gelling whilst enhancing the natural dairy flavour and creaminess of a product that consumers love,” says Christopher Zhang, an associate of global applications at Ingredion.

In addition to creating great products for consumers, NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 delivers stable margin management and a decrease in formulation costs. Applications work from Ingredion’s Global Applications team demonstrated a 2.6% reduction in yogurt formulation cost and an additional $6.1 million in projected revenue per 1,000 metric tons of finished product, according to Ingredion’s ATLAS proprietary simulator.

What can NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 offer businesses?

An innovative solution like NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 can provide your business with a multitude of benefits. Over the last 25 years manufacturers have been using clean label ingredients to drive consumer appeal without compromising on taste, texture or functionality.

Increased Accessibility​ NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 is more readily available than other stabilising agents like gelatin. Manufacturers can bypass sourcing and pricing challenges associated with other commodities when they make the switch.

Improve Functional Performance​ Functional native starches like NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 can withstand temperature swings between freezing and thawing, making them ideal for both shelf-stable and frozen food products.

Enable Value-Add Label Claims​ All clean label ingredients are non-GMO. NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 increases label appeal and, in turn, can increase profit margins because consumers will be more willing to pay a premium price.

Increase Wellness Appeal​ In addition to recognized ingredient labeling, the unique textures of functional native starches like NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940 can enable reduction of other fats to improve nutritional profiles and appeal to consumers who want recognizable ingredients.

The future with NOVATION®​ Indulge 2940

Overall, NOVATION® Indulge 2940 can help food brands achieve the flexibility required by today’s health-conscious consumer by delivering a clean label ingredient that doesn’t compromise on taste or texture. It is currently commercially available for sampling.

Find out more information about the benefits and potential applications of NOVATION® ​Indulge 2940, as well as other clean label offerings from Ingredion​.

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