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Stable antioxidants for deep frying applications

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Stable antioxidants for deep frying applications

Large quantities of wastage occur for frying oil in the snacking segment. When oil is fried at high temperatures, it quickly reaches its smoke point and oxidises immediately forming free radicals and organic acids that lead to carbon deposits, darkening of the oil and excessive frothing. Globally, there is increasing awareness on the detrimental effects of synthetic anti-oxidants. This has fuelled the demand for natural anti-oxidants like rosemary extract for shelf life extension. But a big challenge in rosemary extracts is its natural inclination to affect the colour and nature of the oil. Containing many natural organic acids, it is also prone to increase the amount of frothing in the oil. Kancor with its proprietary technology has developed OxiKan R, a highly refined extract, stabilises oil even at high temperatures without affecting the colour or odour and reduces frothing & carbon deposits.

The technical paper covers an oxidative stability study on refined sun flower oil in deep-frying conditions using OxiKan R

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