Fazer Foodtech

Fazer Foodtech

Fazer Foodtech's ambition is to work with partners to ensure our novel technologies can make a greater sustainable impact on the world we live in.
We are your reliable partner of choice in creating value adding ingredients for the food, nutrition and beauty industry.

For coming generations to experience a perfect day, a transformational change in how we utilise the wonders of nature is essential. Consumers are aware, and demand of us to apply what we know, to meet the needs of future generations and to save the planet.

At Fazer Foodtech, we take an active part in addressing this need and have won several awards for patented state of the art technologies, we have been recognised for our commitment to sustainability, and, we have formed a dedicated team of specialists to be part of driving this change, with You.

We invite you to contact us for a personal meeting where we can talk more about opportunities for you.

In addition we welcome you to join our communities on Linkedin and Instagram and take part in the conversation.

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