Essentia Protein Solutions


Essentia - a story of strength

With Essentia you not only draw on years of experience, you also draw on the total market strength of three unique companies - Proliant Meat Ingredients, Proliant Health and BHJ Ingredients. These companies are now gathered under one global company - Essentia.


The essence of Essentia

Essentia is all about proteins. Proteins that will enhance your food products. Proteins that will boost the richness and flavour of your soups or sauces. Or "metabolic proteins" that will beef up the effectiveness of your sports nutrition brands. Our mission is to create and deliver value through innovative product and protein solutions. And we are doing that every day. Driven by innovation and supported by our expertise and technical know-how we aim to ensure that you get real value through real innovation.



The name Essentia tells the story of refinement and purification, turning something basic into its most valuable form. Its essence. In short, this is what we do. And we always strive to do it with perfection and precision. We believe in shaping the future with our partners, rather than to wait and see what happens. We are not afraid to act and think creatively and for us the only way forward is based on continuous movement.

In other words: We see our role not merely as a supplier, but as a serious long term business partner filling an important role in your value chain, offering complete innovative protein solutions backed by an essential range of services.