DIANA, FOOD DIVISION​ provides high added value natural ingredients to its customers in the food industry around the world. From a natural range of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood products processed into concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces, DIANA, FOOD DIVISION​ offers wellbeing solutions​ with both sensorial (Taste, Colour, Texture and Visual impact) and nutritional benefits (Health & Nutrition, Food Preservation).

DIANA, FOOD DIVISION​ offers wellbeing solutions​ providing high added value to its customers products:

  • DIANA TRUE’TASTETM​ with its offer of natural and clean label solutions CULINARY’TOUCHTM​,​ a range of authentic tastes close to «home-made».
  • DIANA COLOUR’IMPACT NATURALLYTM​ with a full range of natural colours and colouring foods including natural alternatives for synthetic colour and carmine replacement.
  • DIANA NUTRI’HEALTHTM​ with standardised products guaranteed in actives such as its Unique Acerola extract providing 34% of natural and native Vitamin C.
  • DIANA BABYTM​ with an innovative and evolutive offer of pieces based on fruits, vegetables, meat & seafood for babies and younger children for dry and wet applications.

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