Cyanotech Corporation

Cyanotech Corporation

Cyanotech is the world's leader in microalgae technology, producing high-value nutritional products from pure microalgae. Products include BioAstin® natural astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant with expanding applications as a human nutraceutical, and Spirulina Pacifica®, a nutrient-rich dietary supplement with GRAS status suitable for use in all food, beverage and supplement applications.

Hawaiian Spirulina Pacifica has been continuously cultivated for over 20 years. Combined with innovative processing technologies to maximize nutrient content, Cyanotech has created a superior strain of Spirulina proven to deliver more nutrients than any other Spirulina brand on the market. Studies show Spirulina Pacifica® has a superior ability to support cardiovascular, eye, and brain health, boost immunity and energy.

BioAstin, natural astaxanthin is the best selling global brand of Astaxanthin. Proprietary processing technology guarantees a stable oleoresin proven to retain Astaxanthin content over time. Cyanotech’s analytical methods are exclusively accepted by the US FDA, Japan, China, Korea, and Canada.

 Cyanotech is GMP certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) and was the first microalgae company in the world to obtain ISO 9001:2000. Cyanotech currently holds 2 U.S. patents related to processing and 3 U.S. patents for BioAstin Natural Astaxanthin related to the following applications: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Canker Sores/Fever Blisters and Internal and External Sunscreen Protection.