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Premium Blendhub was born from the union of Premium Ingredients (manufacturer of food ingredients) and Blendhub (manufacturer and marketer of "Portable Powder Blending", the first portable powder ingredient mixing factory in the world).

As a pioneer of this new category of the agri-food industry, Smart Powder Blends, Premium Blendhub offers its clients a complete and renewed portfolio of services, with two central themes: Open, open formulation, and Anywhere, powder blending anywhere in the world and anywhere in the value chain, through "Portable Powder Blending". The union of these two concepts will equip flexibility and transparency to an industry traditionally based on black boxes.

The new portfolio of services includes Formulation, Finance, Blending & Packaging, Supply chain, AQ / QC and IT

Premium Blendhub, we are open, we are anywhere.

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