Optimizing Purifications

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Optimizing Purifications

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Optimizing Purifications: a global approach – from design to operation of industrial systems - to drastically reduce energy, water and reagents consumptions and ultimately carbon footprint.

Applexion is an historic & global supplier of purification technologies such as chromatography, ion exchange and membrane filtration. For the last 15 years, Applexion, as part of Novasep group, has designed, built, and commissioned more than 700 units all over the world. The company is also internationally recognized for its first‐class services and consumables portfolio, covering every step of the purification equipment from design to its operational use in industrial environment. With headquarters based at Saint‐Maurice de Beynost (near Lyon, France) and a strong international presence on all continents, Applexion employs 150 people.

This webinar will go through the different phases of the life of a purification system.

An introduction to three major Applexion technologies will be given : principles, design methodologies and one industrial example of application. As a first phase, R&D is key for capturing data characterizing in details the specific behaviors of a given product to be purified. Analyze of it will allow to select the best resins, membranes, and operating conditions. In further detailed design phase, focus will be put on minimizing water, energy and reagents required (generally salts and mineral acids or and bases) in compliance with methods developed and promoted by national eco-organization. For each design option, a detailed carbon footprint of the system manufacturing and operation allows to make the wisest choice considering traditional criteria of performance together with accurate and widely recognized criteria of Carbon & environmental footprint. This specific method & tools are applied both in the case of new green projects as well as in the case of modernizing any existing chromatography, ion exchange and membrane filtration system.

Optimizing every day the production performance is by itself another journey for which Applexion has recently developed a set of innovative services. They are making easily accessible at any time Applexion expertise on the optimal use of these technologies to every person involved in the operation of industrial system :
• daily monitoring through cloud platform with automated recommendations
• predictive performance software
• optimization of the resin and membrane management

For modernization of existing equipment, Applexion is offering a broad range of system upgrades and redesign options.

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